On behalf of our client, E.S.M. has been engaged to independently facilitate a series of Safety in Design reviews utilising the CHAIR (Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review) process on a major piece of civil infrastructure.

The overall project will see a series of significant changes to the landscape and the CHAIR process is used to ensure the design remains safe, so far as is reasonably practicable, by evaluating interfaces relating to the people, other assets, and the environment. Developing infrastructure of this magnitude is always complex and there is need to always be vigilant for potential hazards. E.S.M. supported our client in their goal of maintaining the highest of safety standards by taking a systematic approach to hazard identification.

The CHAIR process involves the use of guidewords to explore possible interfaces with the design and where people could come to harm. For this project, E.S.M. has created a bespoke list of guidewords, tailored to the client’s unique situation, to ensure systematic coverage of the design. This bespoke method still retains the same intention as those of the original CHAIR process.

The work conducted fell very much within E.S.M.’s area of expertise, as we have a wide availability of workshop facilitators on staff with a variety of specialities amongst them.

For more information regarding what Safety in Design workshop or hazard identification tool may be correct for your project, and workshop facilitators skilled in SiD reviews, CHAIR workshops, HAZOP / CHAZOP workshops, Risk Analysis, FMEA and many more, contact E.S.M..

The E.S.M. team is committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions tailored to the client’s needs.