E.S.M. has Control Systems Engineers and Functional Safety Specialists with expertise in planning and implementing functional safety on complex systems through the full asset lifecycle.

Functional Safety is part of the overall management of a system and relates to the reliability and integrity of a control system used as a safety function. It aims to detect potentially hazardous situations, analysing the inputs, processing logic and outputs that drive a system to a safe state. It also looks at the safe management of likely operator errors, hardware and software failures and environmental changes.

Functional safety relates not only to the details of the design and selection of components, but also the process by which the system is specified, verified and validated.

E.S.M.’s functional safety team can produce documentation to prove and/or support achieving compliance with standards AS IEC 61508, 61511 and EN 50126, including: Functional Safety Management Plans, Validation Plans, Safety Requirement Specifications and Proof Testing procedures.

E.S.M. can help your organisation review and assess compliance (gap analysis) with functional safety standards, provide recommendations and support for addressing areas of non-compliance.

We facilitate functional safety training and workshops for product engineers and operators.

E.S.M. also conducts Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies and verification.

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