E.S.M. has qualified capability to conduct Safe System Assessments for road infrastructure projects; independently or as part of a client team.

E.S.M. applies their demonstrated experience in systems engineering, engineering analysis and safety management to conduct Safe System Assessments in accordance with the Austroads Safe System Assessment Framework, South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport Safe System Assessment Guidelines and VicRoads Safe System Assessment Guidelines.

Safe System Assessments are mandatory for major road infrastructure projects in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand, and are also used in NSW.

In addition to major projects such as highways and intersection upgrades, Safe System Assessments can also be applied to urban and local streetscapes, rural and remote roads, and road infrastructure in industrial sites.

A Safe System Assessment analyses the extent to which a proposed road infrastructure project aligns with Safe System principles; with the ultimate objective of eliminating fatalities and serious injuries.

The Safe System Assessment process allows road infrastructure project options to be compared with existing conditions and with each other.

A Safe System Assessment will identify areas where the relative risk of fatal and serious injury crashes is high and will then identify design changes which, if implemented, will reduce risk and improve alignment with the Safe System approach.

A Safe System Assessment is best conducted within the early project phases (I.e. planning and concept design); as these early project phases present the best and most cost-effective opportunity to eliminate risk through changes to design.

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