E.S.M. was engaged to conduct a Safety in Design review on a new boarding school for primary-aged indigenous children on a remote island.

The review was conducted face-to-face with the architects, system designers and representatives of the prospective school board.

This fascinating piece of work was very different from a lot of work that E.S.M. has conducted on industrial designs and installations. The boarding school had some similarities with remote mine camps and facilities yet was unique in many other ways. The safe design of a school needs to consider many stakeholders and end-users, including: the school children and teachers, the children’s carers and families, maintenance personnel, suppliers of teaching materials and food, the local council and landowners, and the local population.

Matters of cultural sensitivity and care for the environment were paramount. The review took two days to conduct, and we covered all aspects of the design and all lifecycle phases. The outcomes of the review were that the design had been very-well thought-out indeed by the architects and systems designers, with a lot of care taken to ensure safety of people constructing, installing, operating and maintaining the school.

E.S.M. is very proud of our contribution towards making the school a safe and happy environment for all end-users involved.