E.S.M. delivers training in all Australian states and territories,  both independently and on behalf of Engineering Education Australia (EEA).  We offer a range of training courses: off-the-shelf and ready-to-go or tailored to suit your business needs.

Training courses offered by E.S.M. include:   

  • Implementing Safety in Design (1-day) 
  • Safety in Design: Legislation and Duties of Designers (Half-Day)  
  • Safety in Design (SiD) Review Workshop  Facilitation (2-Day)
  • Implementing Safety in Design in the Engineering Lifecycle (1 hour)
  • Determining what is Reasonably Practicable (1 hour)
  • Implementing Safety in Design: Planning (1 hour)
  • Effective Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (1 hour)
  • The Fundamentals of Safety in Design (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Functional Safety (1 hour)
  • The Engineering and Design Lifecycle (8 hours, self paced)

E.S.M. also offers bespoke training courses as well as coaching and mentoring, tailored to client needs in the following areas: 

  • Functional Safety  
  • Systems Engineering  
  • Specific Safety in Design activities, i.e. SiD Impact Assessment, SiD Planning, SiD Review Participation

Implementing Safety in Design                                   


Implementing Safety in Design is E.S.M.’s most popular training course.

In this course, participants learn how to implement Safety in Design (SiD) in a practical way throughout the end-to-end engineering lifecycle. 

The tools and techniques covered in this course provide the means to meet the duties of designers and obligations under related legislation (i.e. harmonised WHS and OH&S in VIC and WA). 

Participants learn how to systematically identify and manage hazards throughout the lifecycle of assets (or systems, plant, structures, components, places of work) to help ensure that they are designed, safe so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP), to build, commission, operate, maintain and demolish. 

Participants get to apply and reinforce their knowledge through the use of case studies.

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Safety in Design Review Workshop: Facilitation  


A Safety in Design (SiD) Review is a consultative workshop used to systematically identify hazards through the analysis of assets at each life cycle phase. A reasonably practicable decision-making process as well as the Hierarchy of Controls is applied to determine appropriate control measures.   

This two-day training course gives participants the skills and confidence to plan, organise and facilitate a Safety in Design (SiD) Review Workshop.  

Our Clients use this course to develop an internal resource (or resource group) to independently run efficient and successful in-house SiD Review Workshops.

Safety in Design: Legislation and Duties of Designers  


This half-day (four hour) course provides engineers, designers and project managers with an overview of their legal obligations related to safety in design.  

Course content is tailored to the specific legislation of the State or territory in which the training is being delivered.  

Participants learn about their legal obligations related to: hazard identification and management throughout the engineering lifecycle, determining what is “reasonably practicable”, design deliverables and information transfer.  

This can be a stand-alone course or serve as a precursor to the more detailed Implementing Safety in Design, 1-Day course.

Webinars delivered through Engineering Education Australia (EEA).


Note: webinars are standalone, separate pre-recorded sessions.

Implementing Safety in Design in the Engineering Lifecycle

This webinar presents the fundamental Safety in Design (SiD) steps that should be integrated into the engineering design lifecycle. It also explores an approach to scale the work required for each step, according to the scope, scale, complexity and risk associated with the design.

Determining what is Reasonably Practicable  

For engineers or others making design decisions, this course steps through the process of determining whether a hazard control is reasonably practicable, in the context of the legal definition of reasonably practicable (or ‘reasonable’ in WA)

The Engineering and Design Lifecycle

This webinar explores the engineering (design) lifecycle; explaining the steps within the lifecycle and what is expected at each step.

Implementing Safety in Design: Planning

For engineers to gain an understanding of what to look for in a good Safety in Design (SiD) plan and to appreciate the careful planning that goes into SiD work

Effective Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

This webinar will go through the process for hazard identification and risk assessment in a design context based on the requirements of WHS Legislation.

The Fundamentals of Safety in Design

The aim of this webinar is to cover the basics of Safety in Design: what it is, why it is important and what it means for engineering and design professionals.

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