E.S.M. has demonstrated capability in the delivery of end-to-end project engineering management. We support non-technical clients in the acquisition of technical assets, implement engineering management systems and audit engineering output for compliance with legislation, standards and guidelines.

E.S.M. offers engineering management services in all design lifecycle phases.

We promote and follow a systems engineering approach – having user, safety and technical requirements defined in a specification that can be used for  verification and validation through design delivery to ensure that outcomes meet customer needs.

E.S.M. supports non-technical clients in the selection and acquisition of technical assets by providing engineering  management services to serve their interests, acting as owner’s engineers to drive the delivery of engineering projects and ensure that design outcomes meet client needs.

Our team works with client engineering managers to produce and implement engineering management frameworks and the detailed supporting processes therein. We specialise in the development of plans and processes for application on complex or non-standard projects. This includes gap analyses of current processes against leading practice, the application of new engineering processes, the adaptation of processes to meet project constraints and training of engineering personnel.

E.S.M. can audit engineering outputs for compliance with client processes and adherence to legislation, standards and guidelines. We provide independent review and reporting, or work with design teams to review designs and improve compliance with requirements.

Our latest projects

We provide a range of professional engineering services. View some of our recent projects below.