E.S.M. Safety in Design Review workshops apply structured hazard identification, through the analysis of asset interfaces, then guided reasonably practicable decision-making to agree hazard controls. The output is a hazard register, used by client organisations as the cornerstone in demonstrating that designs are safe so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP).

E.S.M. specialises in the facilitation and delivery of Safety in Design (SiD) Review workshops. This is our most sought-after service.

We plan, facilitate and document (record) SiD Reviews.

Our SiD Reviews look at a design and systematically identify hazards through the analysis of asset interfaces (human-to-asset, asset-to-environment, asset-to-asset), at each life cycle phase, establishing hazard cause and credibility. A “reasonably practicable decision-making process” as well as the Hierarchy of Controls is applied to determine appropriate control measures.

The output of a SiD Review Workshop is a populated SiD Hazard Register and Action List.

A SiD Review is usually conducted as a consultative workshop.

E.S.M. is experienced in facilitating SiD Review workshops and is able to successfully draw upon participant experience to achieve workshop objectives in an energetic and collaborative manner.

E.S.M. provides a workshop facilitator as well as an experienced workshop scribe.

Dependent on project or design scale, scope and complexity, SiD Review workshops can run for 3-4 hours up to several days.

E.S.M. offers training in the facilitation of SiD Review Workshops, for organisations wanting to build an in-house facilitation capability.

Tools and Templates

E.S.M. has developed a suite of tools and templates that client organisations can use to support the delivery of successful engineering projects.

Safety in Design Self Assessment (PDF)

If you are someone who makes decisions that affect engineering design outcomes, use this pdf checklist to assess your awareness.

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