E.S.M. is an independent consultancy providing professional engineering services since 2011.   

We are passionate about helping organisations achieve success through the application of engineering management, systems engineering and Safety in Design.

Our clients see our area of expertise as supporting their delivery of engineering projects that are demonstrably safe, so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP), and in doing so, assisting with regulatory compliance and problem solving, using sound engineering principles.  

We specialise in engineered safety.

E.S.M. is considered an Authority on Safety in Design, delivering services nationally. We provide Safety in Design training, both independently and on behalf of Engineering Education Australia.  

We study and work with WHS legislated ‘duties of designers’ and related duties.   

E.S.M. delivers confidence to clients through the implementation of effective process, procedures and practice. We can help you by developing organisation-wide engineering management frameworks, producing and embedding tailored Safety in Design solutions, facilitating Safety in Design Review Workshops, providing structured, informed and clear guidance for ‘reasonably practicable’ decision making on safety, investment and productivity through engineering studies and the analysis of complex safety systems.  

We offer services in Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Safety in Design, Functional Safety, HAZOP Facilitation, Safe Design Review and Engineering studies. 

We are practical, collaborative and capable.  

Our engineering team offers experience you can trust.

Tools and Templates

E.S.M. has developed a suite of tools and templates that client organisations can use to support the delivery of successful engineering projects.

Safety in Design Self Assessment

If you are someone who makes decisions that affect engineering design outcomes, use this pdf checklist to assess your awareness and process maturity.

Our latest projects

We provide a range of professional engineering services. View some of our recent projects below.