E.S.M. recently facilitated a 4-day Detailed Design HAZOP for a major upgrade project on a minerals processing plant. E.S.M. worked with the owner, engineering service provider and vendors to facilitate the HAZOP in multiple sessions in line with progression of the design

E.S.M.’s experienced facilitator led the HAZOP participants through the design of the plant, using guidewords to brainstorm credible hazards. The workshop revealed multiple hazards including hazards associated with acid vapours, high temperature product, process steam, crystallisation in the pipes, and handling and pumping of hot hydrochloric acid. Design changes were identified to mitigate the risk of these hazards.

The objective of the HAZOP was to facilitate a smooth, safe, and prompt plant start up; to minimise last-minute modifications and to ensure trouble-free long-term operation. This project was fast-tracked through design and construction, and the HAZOP was a crucial gate to ensure that, despite the accelerated timeframe, there was no compromise to the safe operation and maintenance of the plant.

The output of the HAZOP workshop was detailed HAZOP minutes worksheets, an action list and report. These items gave the Client a formal and thorough record of discussion, decisions, hazards identified, and actions required.

The Client has subsequently requested that E.S.M. facilitate the 60% Design Review and a CHAZOP workshop for the project.

HAZOP is a technique which systematically identifies potential hazards and significant operating problems. The technique examines how the system will respond to deviations from the design intent, and hence whether the design needs to change. A good team environment that is positive, open, and questioning is critical to a successful outcome. As an independent facilitator, E.S.M. was able to maintain this environment and guide the workgroup through the process.

HAZOP Facilitation