E.S.M. facilitated a series of Safety in Design (SiD) Review workshops to support the expansion of a remote Australian mining operation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshops were delivered through an online video conferencing platform, involving participants from three States, including project engineers and site operation and maintenance representatives.

E.S.M. SiD Reviews apply structured hazard identification, through the analysis of asset interfaces, and then reasonably practicable decision-making to agree hazard controls.

For these particular SiD review workshops, as much of the design was complete, the objective was to; demonstrate that all foreseeable hazards had been identified, document what had already been done in design to keep people safe, and then identify further controls and actions required.

The output of the SiD Review workshops was a set of detailed minutes and Hazard Register with Action List.

The SiD Review workshops covered the infrastructure being either expanded or constructed, to enable a significant expansion of mine size and output. Areas included: surface maintenance workshop, mining camp village, borefield, batch plant and water treatment plant.

The workshops brought the project engineering team and site-based personnel together to review designs, identify issues and discuss the action required to help ensure that delivered infrastructure was safe and suitable.

The workshops gave the Client a formal and thorough record of discussion, decisions, hazards identified and controls applied.